Meaning of summat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌmət/


Northern English
non-standard form of something
‘there's summat wrong with him’
  • ‘But he'd have you believe he's Darth Vader or summat.’
  • ‘It's been just under 3 months since I did summat crazy and walked away from my secure well paid job and ‘career'; it's been a step into the unknown.’
  • ‘It's just the thing for covering up when it gets a bit cooler in the evenings, like if you're having a barbecue or summat?’
  • ‘Even if I do lose, then at the end of the day I will have learned summat else, because he is an experienced fighter who has boxed for 10 years and has boxed the best.’
  • ‘Another all-nighter clubbing last night has left me really goosed, but I thought I'd better write summat or folk'll worry.’
  • ‘Quick, control's gone, invent summat else - like now!’
  • ‘Now, summat slightly easier: What's this one called?’
  • ‘I knew I should have done summat before I came out.’
  • ‘Here's summat nice to look at over the weekend… inspired by Dave's mention today.’
  • ‘That which doesn't kill us will make us stronger, or summat.’
  • ‘Oh well, I'm off to try to find summat to eat and go to bed.’
  • ‘There was a not terribly positive review of the script on-line a while back, I think at Coming Attractions or summat.’
  • ‘God knows - it was probably made with asbestos or summat - but we loved it.’
  • ‘At first glance, they look like a completely ordinary information desk until you ask them summat.’
  • ‘However, tomorrow I will be at home all day (except for when I'm out) with a marvellous, marvellous mid-week day all to myself, so I'll try to post summat in the morning.’
  • ‘Standing up to the minister, and reminding him that ‘there was summat called a municipality’, he stumbles into a key truth.’
  • ‘I never thought Boro were going to win a trophy in my lifetime but I believed and after years of blind faith stumbling around in the dark, you wake up and you've won summat.’
  • ‘There's summat utterly hypnotic about indoor bowls.’
  • ‘But the Sri Lankans didn't help themselves by using scaredy-cat fields and just hoping summat might turn up.’
  • ‘Well I think we might just stay in the pub or summat like that.’