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summer camp


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  • (especially in North America) a camp providing recreational and sporting facilities for children during the summer holiday period.

    ‘What he really wants to do is stay behind so he can go to a summer camp at his school with his friends.’
    • ‘The employees of Bausch & Lomb sponsor a summer camp style holiday in Waterford each year.’
    • ‘A hockey summer camp will be held at Bromley High School for Girls in August.’
    • ‘The two-week summer camp took place at the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School.’
    • ‘Clan Kids is a summer camp that's organised through the umbrella group SFU Summer Camps.’
    • ‘She is now in a temporary post with the Hudsons and plans to go to America in the summer to work in a summer camp with children.’
    • ‘Carroll came up with the idea for a soccer summer camp six years ago after his own son attended a camp and found it boring.’
    • ‘Shooting took place in the fall of 2001, and while the camp was not open as a summer camp.’
    • ‘Steve plans to fly out to Albania with the climbing gear to give underprivileged children from that country the chance to try the sport on a summer camp.’
    • ‘I took rifle training as a morning activity at a summer camp for boys.’
    • ‘The summer camp is open to both boys and girls from 7 years old to 14 years old.’
    • ‘The summer camp has started at the pool, which was renovated last year.’
    • ‘She struggles to keep his days structured with a summer camp that costs half her monthly rent.’
    • ‘The first summer camp is now in progress and the second one will run from July 7 to July 11.’
    • ‘As a part of its activities, the centre organised a three-week summer camp for children in May.’
    • ‘Great credit goes to all the organisers/trainers who made the summer camp such a success for all.’
    • ‘The children who attended the summer camp were among those who had never been to Ireland or on any trip away.’
    • ‘Later on he met his wife at a summer camp for children of Holocaust survivors.’
    • ‘At a summer camp in Ontario they find an old sketch made by a member of the Group of Seven.’
    • ‘But every summer they still do a summer camp, and it starts the last week in June and it goes until Labor Day.’