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  • 1The highest point of a hill or mountain.

    ‘she climbed back up the path towards the summit’
    • ‘The land rises abruptly to highland ridges with mountain summits as high as 3000 feet.’
    • ‘There may be more spectacular mountains offering unforeseen horizons at their summits, but Blue Hill is an effortless peak to climb.’
    • ‘Imperceptibly descending towards the mountain summit, it cast the land in an array of shadows.’
    • ‘Walkers on the Queen's Highland estate were allowed to walk from the Spittle of Muick car park to mountain summits on recognised paths.’
    • ‘The old drove road is recognisable as it climbs towards the summit of Kailzie Hill and the edge of the extensive Cardrona Forest.’
    • ‘Above them, further up the ridge the summit of the mountain was peeping at them through quickly moving mist.’
    • ‘Chris led us over Burnt Edge and Adam Hill towards the summit of Winter Hill.’
    • ‘High above Glen Ceitlin the tops of the neighbouring hills peeked their snow-covered summits and ridges above the cloud - Stob Coire an Albannaich, Meall nan Eun, and Meall Odhar, all sparkling bright.’
    • ‘Water is omnipresent in Valais, from babbling brooks cascading merrily downhill, to the tranquil, mirrored surface of a mountain lake reflecting majestic summits capped with eternal snow.’
    • ‘The road meanders high above the waters of lakes and rivers, embraced by the meringue summits of the mountains.’
    • ‘Head east now over a broad whaleback to the cairn at 829m, the summit of Brown Cow Hill.’
    • ‘The oldest phase of ice flow (Event I) is characterized by ice flowing from an ice dispersal centre situated over the higher terrain in north-central Wales and by ice thick enough to cover the mountain summits.’
    • ‘In years gone by, he had discovered lots of things dropped along the trails by emigrants lightening their wagonloads as they pushed for the mountain summits.’
    • ‘Everywhere you go, from the hot banks of the Dead Sea to the summits of holy mountains, stones are everywhere.’
    • ‘Huge plumes of snow blowing from the summits of some mountains looked like the smoke from great incense offerings.’
    • ‘Tonight he would have to stop there before continuing on up the mountain to the summit.’
    • ‘This feat put Jane Maria in the history books as the first Pakeha woman to reach the summit of the mountain.’
    • ‘Sitting on a boulder, looking up a few thousand feet to the summit of the mountain, he became serious and reflective.’
    • ‘With clear sky, you can see all the Monteregian mountains from the western summit.’
    • ‘This multi-peaked mountain of granite has summits formed from a mass of vertical chimneys - looking like the devil's organ poised to blow the last trumpet out across the world.’
    top, peak, mountaintop, crest, crown, apex, vertex, apogee, tip, cap
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    1. 1.1The highest attainable level of achievement.
      ‘the dramas are considered to form one of the summits of world literature’
      • ‘Many Scots seem happy to go along with the joke that the deep-fried Mars bar is the summit of our culinary achievements.’
      • ‘Who can you think of from the ranks of top scientists who also achieved the summit in literature?’
      • ‘No longer should the summit of civil service achievement be seen as the writing of a good policy minute.’
      • ‘Oh, how the bookmakers goofed, giving between five and seven points start for evens, that and other dismissiveness goading the Carlow players to summits not attained for many years in major competition.’
      • ‘Preventing people from seeing videos in a timely fashion is the summit of her achievements so far.’
      • ‘For those who have attained the summit of union with the Lord, the path is stillness and peace.’
      • ‘Those who are at the summit level grasp them as constituting an indivisible unity.’
      • ‘Man is destined to fall at the very moment he thinks he has attained the summit.’
      • ‘Traditionally, literature had always occupied the summit on the slopes of prestige within French culture.’
      • ‘He peers down at you, over imaginary specs, from the summit of the hill of great wisdom.’
      • ‘Slowly but surely, layers are built and plans laid as the Dance marches towards its summit.’
      acme, peak, height, pinnacle, zenith, culmination, climax, high point, high spot, optimum, highlight, crowning glory, crowning point
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  • 2A meeting between heads of government.

    ‘two binding treaties were agreed at the summit’
    • ‘a summit meeting’
    • ‘Windhoek promotes it self as an African destination for meetings, conferences, summits, seminars or conventions.’
    • ‘The catalyst for the establishment of such conferences will normally come from a summit meeting of the European Council.’
    • ‘The 1992 Rio Conference turned out to be one of the biggest summit meetings ever held.’
    • ‘It was a meeting billed as a summit for local residents to meet with their representatives and discuss the future of housing in the borough.’
    • ‘The most important are foreign ministers' meetings and summits of heads of state at which nonaligned policy statements are prepared for action within the UN system.’
    • ‘These days, representatives of China, Japan and South Korea attend all ASEAN summits and ministerial meetings.’
    • ‘These are the priorities raised by residents at community meetings and citizens' summits sponsored by the mayor.’
    • ‘They attend European Council summits and can serve as behind-the-scenes consultants.’
    • ‘This includes stemming the tide of membership loss while gaining reasonable attendance at our annual meetings and summits, as well as improving the financial arrangements with our publishers.’
    • ‘Dissent information pamphlets were available, describing successful disruption tactics used at previous summits and other government meetings.’
    • ‘He represents the parliament at Commission meetings and summits with government heads.’
    • ‘The summit meeting of heads of state and government in Brussels must agree a new constitution for the union.’
    • ‘They are nostalgic for the good old days of détente - superpower summits, arms control, and discussions about balancing American and Russian power in regional conflicts.’
    • ‘The move to ask Japan for help arose during the third summit meeting of the three premiers in July in Cambodia.’
    • ‘Today the summit meetings and the politicians have become more important than many of the competitions.’
    • ‘Nearly half a century ago to the day, a summit meeting was held in a small Indonesian town.’
    • ‘The PPF Summit was the first summit meeting of artistic directors of large classical ballet companies ever held.’
    • ‘He is an honorary member of the Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development; took part in many Soviet-Chinese summits and meetings of top leaders.’
    • ‘These meetings and summits make up just the normal work of any presidency in recent years, but Ireland will have the added responsibility and honour of chairing the first meetings of a 25-member EU.’
    • ‘Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular Red Sea tourist resort that also plays host to political and economic summits, including several meetings on peace in the Middle East.’
    meeting, negotiation, conference, talk, talks, discussion, conclave, consultation, deliberation, dialogue, parley, colloquy
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verboverbo summits, verbo summiting, verbo summited

[con objeto]
  • Reach the summit of (a mountain or hill)

    ‘in 2013, 658 climbers summited Everest’
    • ‘they started climbing at 3:45 a.m. and summited at 8:45 p.m.’
    • ‘The journalist, who summited with Ang Dorjee's group, wrote a best-seller about the experience.’
    • ‘Once drivers have summited the hill, the double lines appear.’
    • ‘As we summited the crest, the world froze briefly, peacefully, and then we plunged.’
    • ‘At 4am, he contacted me and told me he had summited.’
    • ‘Their famous route is now taken by hundreds in the few days of the climbing season when summiting is humanly possible.’
    • ‘The next morning, equipped with ice axes and ice climbing boots, they were tasked with summiting the volcano, more than 9,300 feet above sea level.’
    • ‘While Everest has increased in popularity over the last 60 years, Nepalis have continued to bear much of the risk involved in summiting.’
    • ‘I was on Mount McKinley 24 hours from summiting when my unit told me via satellite phone that I needed to return immediately for a deployment.’
    • ‘As the car hugs a curve of the winding road that summits the mountain, I welcome a familiar sight: sunlight bouncing off the twin Magellan telescopes.’
    • ‘I hope some day I will summit it, and will definitely return to Chamonix in summer.’


Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘top part’): from Old French somete, from som ‘top’, from Latin summum, neuter of summus ‘highest’.