Meaning of sun cream in English:

sun cream

Pronunciation /ˈsʌn kriːm/

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mass nounBritish
  • A creamy preparation spread over the skin to protect it from sunburn.

    ‘the report advises the use of sun cream and wide-brimmed hats’
    • ‘look for sun creams specially formulated for babies and children’
    • ‘Another thing to bear in mind is that the majority of people using sunbeds are less likely to use a suncream to protect their skin against UV radiation.’
    • ‘Macho attitudes about sunbathing and suncream are costing Scotsmen their lives, a skin cancer expert has warned.’
    • ‘I am astonished at the number of people who don't wear hats or bother with suncream.’
    • ‘So make sure to take a hat, sunglasses with ultra-violet protection and plenty of sunblock and high-factor suncream.’
    • ‘The Australian advice ‘slip, slap, slop’ - slip on a shirt, slap on a hat, slop on some suncream - has been widely adopted as part of the sun awareness crusade in Britain.’
    • ‘Babies should be kept out of the sun since at under 12 months their skin is too sensitive for the chemicals suncream contains.’
    • ‘Also, please bring suncream in case of hot weather.’
    • ‘One UK pharmacy enforced an ‘ethical ban’ on suncream under factor 15, deciding that consumers could not be trusted to choose for themselves.’
    • ‘Dr Wright, who is also a member of the UK Skin Cancer Working Party, said that a wearer who tended to burn easily could suffer sunburn after only three hours if wearing the flimsy shirt without extra suncream.’
    • ‘It is relatively small, but large enough to hold a towel, suncream, swimsuit, a couple of drinks etc, and has enough pockets on the outside for my mobile phone, small purse, and other such items.’
    • ‘She sat down on the grass by the bench, produced a cigarette, lighter, paperback and suncream and put them all to their correct uses, stretched out on the grass and constantly shifting position.’
    • ‘It is two hours before our picnickers reach Christ Church Meadows, where the sun is blazing down on the Cherwell and slowly roasting the naive, pasty types who have gone out without suncream.’
    • ‘Despite all of this and despite steady application of mega-factor suncream Thomas still managed to get burned in both Sri Lanka and Mexico and had a couple of very uncomfortable nights.’
    • ‘You could save enough to pay for a budget holiday flight just by shopping around for essential holiday items like suncream and extra film, according to the Consumers' Association.’
    • ‘And anyway who else would put suncream on my back?’
    • ‘Parents are advised to ensure their children are covered head to toe in high factor suncream, and dressed in clothes covering arms and legs, with a hat to avoid burning the scalp.’
    • ‘Do remember your suncream, sunhat and sunglasses.’
    • ‘Despite temperatures that reached well into the 80s, many Scots ignored medical advice and spent hours in the sun without using suncream.’
    • ‘Anyway yesterday was a beautiful day here and the weather was so good that I had to put some suncream on to make sure that I wouldn't go red and crispy.’
    • ‘The consistent advice is to cover up, keep out of the sun when you can - and wear high-factor suncream when you are exposed.’