Meaning of sun salutation in English:

sun salutation


  • A series of yoga poses performed in a continuous flowing sequence and intended to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles.

    ‘I begin each day with a series of stretches and several sets of sun salutations’
    • ‘Yoga enthusiasts can perform sun salutations on the beach at Bacara Resort, located 10 minutes from the Santa Barbara airport.’
    • ‘Even for many experienced hatha yogis, sitting still in meditation requires more effort and more courage than doing 108 sun salutations.’
    • ‘You could be losing sight of the spiritual side of yoga if you think you need to burn a special candle while performing your sun salutations.’
    • ‘If you know any yoga, now is the time to incorporate your sun salutation.’
    • ‘Her eight-year-old daughter practises sun salutations every morning.’
    • ‘Even if you cannot manage full practice, the sun salutations and asanas would greatly help, I'm sure.’
    • ‘Gauri then teaches the sun salutation, which students repeat multiple times, steadily increasing their speed, taking full breaths, and holding the asana.’
    • ‘I packed a yoga mat, envisaging sun salutations on the beach at dawn, but of course it stayed curled up like a Lycra cat for a fortnight.’