Meaning of sun squirrel in English:

sun squirrel


  • An African tree squirrel that typically has a dark ringed tail, noted for basking in the sun, which often causes bleaching of the fur.

    Genus Heliosciurus, family Sciuridae: five species

    ‘The active sun squirrels have been playing hide and seek with guides.’
    • ‘The six African rodents are tree or sun squirrels, rope squirrels, dormice, Gambian giant pouched rats, brush-tailed porcupines and striped mice.’
    • ‘Animals and birds who specialise in this habitat type include colobus monkey, dwarf crocodile, Maxwell's duiker, Gambian sun squirrel and green touraco.’
    • ‘Because of this variety, it is difficult to describe the appearance of these animals except in broad terms and in comparison to other species of sun squirrel.’
    • ‘These montane forests are also home to 19 species of endemic mammals, including white-toothed shrews and other shrew species, African bush squirrels, Jacksonâs mongooses, and sun squirrels.’
    • ‘He explained that on April 9, 2003, a large shipment of African rodents - including Gambian rats, dormice and sun squirrels - arrived in Dallas aboard a commercial flight from Ghana.’
    • ‘It has been flying around the house for quite a while and has been active in its hunting practice - catching, amongst other things, one of our resident sun squirrels.’
    • ‘The sun squirrel is the largest of Zambia's squirrels, and is found everywhere north of a rough line between Kabwe and Lukulu.’
    • ‘Among them are the giant squirrel, red-legged sun squirrel, brush-tailed porcupine, Angolan black and white-Colobus (which are regarded to be a new species in this area), Bushy-tailed mongoose, and sharp's grysbok.’
    • ‘Arboreal squirrels of the Funisciurus (Thomas’ and Kuhl's tree squirrels) and Heliosciurus (sun squirrels) spp. have been previously implicated as probable reservoir hosts in Zaire based on antibody data and a single viral isolate from a Funisciurus anerythrus.’