Meaning of sunburst in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌnbəːst/


  • 1A sudden brief appearance of the full sun from behind clouds.

    ‘Outside, it is a typical monsoon morning sky alternating between brilliant sunburst and darkening clouds.’
    • ‘As the blinding sunburst of light faded into fairy dust around him, Sam blinked.’
    • ‘Other times it was right on - the sunbursts that ended up coming from behind Derek's head as his band launched into the stratosphere.’
    • ‘‘Men's Fitness’ has come up with two cardio programs - one for newcomers and the other for intermediates - that will help you melt off that winter weight faster than a spring sunburst.’
    • ‘When Jen Wood's verse on the latter kicks in with a sunburst of ‘Hallelujah’ strings, you'll know it.’
    • ‘When the Indians set fire to the main building as well as the sheds, the flames fanned into a sunburst, and their smoke stifled the people of Fort Mims.’
    • ‘It was a dramatic sunburst of information to me at the time; it was a battle cry to participate in something important.’
    • ‘A few hours later she crossed the threshold of Mom's hospital room like a sunburst.’
    • ‘And then there was the chorus, ‘singing’ their last refrain of ‘Waitin’ for the Light to Shine’ in silence, their palms spreading from their faces like so many soft sunbursts.’
    • ‘Comparable to Nobody's soft-rocking West Coast sunbursts, the headshop hip hop of Edan's second album also draws on flavours of '60s psych rock.’
    • ‘Denise and her gleaming sunburst guitar are set to take the stage with some feel-good rhythms and tasty new melodies fresh from her new forthcoming album ‘The Tangerine Moon’.’
    • ‘He also cites the puzzling Cambrian explosion, a spectacular sunburst of marine animals 540m years ago that laid the foundations of all subsequent evolution.’
    • ‘The light is fading fast and the recent spectacular sunburst is just a vivid memory.’
    • ‘Colours exploded forth from the empty grey walls, sunbursts of fire and dust, surrounding him with illusions of death.’
    1. 1.1A decoration or ornament resembling the sun and its rays.
      as modifier ‘a pair of sunburst diamond earrings’
      • ‘On these, no neck rings interrupt the sweep of prism cuts from lip to shoulder, and the octagons contain only alternating sunbursts and sharp diamonds.’
      • ‘The sunburst necklace glittered under the water like a lost treasure.’
      • ‘She fingered the charm on her necklace, a golden sunburst with the shape of a silver crescent moon in the center.’
      • ‘Suzy Menkes noted in an article that the jewels the Duchess of Windsor gave Princess Michael included: ‘a gold sunburst suite set with pearls and a pair of emerald panther earrings.’’
      • ‘For example, in the United States, the Art Deco motifs, such as the sunbursts, lightning flashes, fountains etc. became widely fashionable, and the style was actively promoted by leading stores throughout the country.’
      • ‘The five rays of the sunburst allude to the five regions of a former unit, and the chevron, a symbol for support, with the five stars, represents the five states that comprised its former area of operations.’
      • ‘In a 1990 piece, roses with long, spindly stems are placed to form a sunburst, their blossoms defining a central spiral and their stems radiating outward.’
      • ‘A golden sunburst was embroidered at the front of the skirt.’
      • ‘Other rooms have a distinctively oriental flavour; the Throne Room is decked out in ornate Byzantine style with a great domed blue ceiling covered with stars and a huge sunburst.’
      • ‘Other planes have triangles that represent mountains, eyes with lines and arrows coming out of them, sunbursts, and a couple of spirals.’
      • ‘It was a few years later that the decorated building made a last brave stand, Art Deco's Egyptian colonnades and Moderne sunbursts sparkling brashly among dimmer stripped-classical and early modern façades.’
      • ‘That David Stone is a golf course superintendent in the San Joaquin Valley seems as natural as adobe sunbursts.’
      • ‘An important development of the early sixteenth century was the Apocalyptic image of her, standing in front of a sunburst, crowned with twelve stars, with at her feet a crescent moon.’
      • ‘The angels appear to be carrying the mandorla heavenwards, as they grasp the carved rays of the sunburst.’
      • ‘These diamonds were often assembled into the shape of large stars or sunbursts that are the size of the quilt top, and they are among the most dramatic and graphic quilts from this period.’
      • ‘The result is an album of dark shades and surprising weight, psychedelic not like a petal-laced sunburst but like a pitch-black night in a small room with walls that seem to expand and contract with your heaving chest.’
      • ‘It was a proud banner of white silk exploding in a brilliant red sunburst whose rays shot forth in all directions.’
      • ‘A large sunburst with Elizabeth's rose hung over center stage and was raised and lowered with the change of scene.’
      • ‘Featuring a red and black sunburst motif set against a brilliant yellow ground, the mural's composition is appropriated from the logo for Sol, a popular Mexican beer.’
      • ‘Its descriptive title calls it a six-branched form based on nature, but at the same time the composition recalls both Asian mandalas and the sunburst motif popular in design of the time.’
    2. 1.2A pattern of irregular concentric bands of colour with the brightest at the centre.
      ‘the guitar body is finished in a delicately sprayed sunburst’
      • ‘Their organisation created mainly random patterns, but at times exploded into circular sunbursts, whimsical, floral.’
      • ‘Medallions in relief sunburst patterns alternating with exotic flowers recall the shields adorning entryways in Antiquity at the same time that they embody the vitalism of Martin's occultist obsessions.’
      • ‘Within the fields of marks, partial images emerge: one can make out spirals, fans, sunbursts and even arrangements suggesting iridescent eyes or a sparkling butterfly wing.’
      • ‘All other equipment and kit will feature the more modern logo featuring the traditional kangaroo and emu, and the Southern Cross, illuminated by a sunburst.’
      • ‘The tip of the triangle marked the center of a circular sunburst drawn on both sides of the translucent paper with colored pencil in yellow, orange, red and pink that barely tinted the little cavelike corner space behind.’