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Sunday driver

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  • A person perceived as driving in a slow and unskilful way.

    ‘So beware, the Sunday driver with the flat cap and pipe is a myth, the real Sunday driver is someone unaware of those around them and their driving skills!’
    • ‘Now many of you will say that he deserved it for being so impatient with the nice Sunday driver, I say tosh!’
    • ‘That is, if there is traffic, they'll drive into the occasional Sunday driver.’
    • ‘It was rather like fine-tuning a racing car - except that in my case I'm the equivalent of an octogenarian Sunday driver who's suddenly been thrust behind the wheel of Michael Schumacher's Ferrari.’
    • ‘Over the last few years, both in Ireland and the UK, the dodgy drivers are less and less the little flat-capped Sunday driver and more the ultra-idiotic White Van Man.’
    • ‘And it is a beautiful world that I saw as I crawled home on a Sunday evening, with a line of frustrated drivers behind me, thinking I was some old Sunday driver out for the weekly spin.’
    • ‘It is also a two-lane, which means that Sunday drivers can really slow things down.’
    • ‘That strategy is going to nab a lot of innocent Sunday drivers.’
    • ‘‘When you're driving in a rally you're dealing with professional drivers, but Tehran has its fair share of Sunday drivers, so you have to be more aware and concentrate more,’ she explains.’
    • ‘What is it with these Sunday drivers on a Thursday morning?’
    • ‘When the time comes to press on, the Bora can - in diesel trim - be hustled past Sunday drivers and up motorway inclines at a respectable pace.’
    • ‘Traditional Sunday drivers are staging a comeback on Britain's coastal and country roads, a new report showed yesterday.’
    • ‘It seemed like a Sunday in the States, but there were no Sunday drivers.’
    • ‘And then it dawned on me - the tube was full of the underground equivalent of Sunday drivers.’