Meaning of Sunday painter in English:

Sunday painter


  • An amateur painter, especially one with little training.

    ‘Henri Rousseau was a self-taught Sunday painter who began intensive painting when he was 40 years old.’
    • ‘Erf's own failure to achieve mechanical precision blurs the distinctions between the Sunday painter and the professional artist, commenting obliquely on the institutions of art and art education.’
    • ‘Somehow it came as no surprise to learn that Iain Duncan Smith is a Sunday painter, especially since he asked on Desert Island Discs for a set of oil paints as his luxury item.’
    • ‘But I don't know how else to describe the work of Haeckel, who was, by the way, a skilled artist and far more than a Sunday painter.’
    • ‘One is by reference to the fact that he, as a Sunday painter, repeatedly tried but failed to paint after the manner of Vermeer, and in particular failed to replicate the master's dazzling visual effects.’
    • ‘The work seems to comfortably escape the ever-so dreaded Sunday painter, AVA-esque aesthetic that seems to be driving the ongoing debates surrounding the death of painting.’
    • ‘Charles Bronson was the Lithuanian-American coal miner, Sunday painter and finally - at 47, with ‘Once Upon a Time in the West ‘- movie star.’’
    • ‘She differentiates between authentic naives and Sunday painters, dilettantes and epigones at adult art class level, none of whom is represented in her collection.’
    • ‘He referred to unemployed artists (those who went to art school but couldn't find a job in the art system), Sunday painters, activists - categories that to do not quite fit into the record of the art-historical map.’
    • ‘This was only compounded by his frequent use of canvas-board, a medium usually relegated to Sunday painters and high-school art students.’
    • ‘Open season: during the annual Summer Exhibition at London's Royal Academy, well-known contemporary artists shared quarters with countless Sunday painters.’
    • ‘It's interesting that there are so many people who think of themselves as artists who the art world does not or will not recognize as artists: Sunday painters, graffiti artists, street portrait artists - the list goes on.’
    • ‘Exhibiting artists in our vast province range from Sunday painters to international art stars; unknown avant-gardes, tenured has-beens, and all the in-betweens each try to express their own understanding of this puzzle we call ‘art.’’
    • ‘Like I said in the review of ‘Stained Paper’, watercolour has come into its own of late, and is no longer the sole domain of Sunday painters.’
    • ‘Judged against the by-product of Sunday painters or even art in Starbucks, you have to wonder if effort, craftsmanship or attention to detail matter anymore.’
    • ‘He was curious by profession: everything interested him, Sunday painters as well as tough guys in Les Halles, hookers as well as bad boys, even when he had his photographic plates stolen on the Rue de Lappe at the Bal des Quatre-Saisons.’