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Pronunciation /ˈsʌnlʌɪt/

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mass noun
  • Light from the sun.

    ‘a shaft of sunlight’
    • ‘Photodegradation is the breakdown of pesticides by light, particularly sunlight.’
    • ‘But where the roof was broken, thin rays of sunlight stabbed through the dark like spotlights and gave a spectral light.’
    • ‘The shade's structure excludes direct sunlight but allows diffuse daylight to pass through.’
    • ‘Miraculously, the skies opened up on Saturday afternoon and golden rays of sunlight dried the stage by curtain time.’
    • ‘Why vegetate in stale conditions, when you can drench in glorious sunlight?’
    • ‘A glorious shower of sunlight pours from the heavens onto a rickety old barn.’
    • ‘A large window allowed a shaft of sunlight in and into that shaft of light she stepped and stood.’
    • ‘Then there is the magnificent light, varying from the bleachy sunlight of day to the sometimes exquisite dusk glow.’
    • ‘They need good light, but not direct sunlight, which will result in scorched leaves.’
    • ‘In the fitful sleep that icy, twenty-four hour sunlight allows, I dreamt of hot forests and beach barbecues.’
    • ‘You feel like a king drinking your coffee up there in the early morning sunlight.’
    • ‘The black and white photograph shows the floor of a parking garage in raking sunlight.’
    • ‘The sunlight on the facade and the bright blue sky make it one of my favorites and one of my best pictures.’
    • ‘In his command of sunlight infused with weather this underestimated painter comes close to the young Turner.’
    • ‘It is bizarre that a country that receives so much sunlight should be so slow to find ways of generating solar energy.’
    • ‘Set to the strains of Mahler, this 1993 film takes place in a city whose streets are rarely penetrated by sunlight.’
    • ‘Upstairs, the master bedroom is particularly large and gets plenty of sunlight through large picture windows.’
    • ‘One wall of the building is made of sliding glass doors for optimum sunlight, allowing for an outdoor feel when the weather is good.’
    • ‘Weeds reduce yields by competing with crops for water, nutrients, and sunlight.’
    • ‘Overhangs shade the south-facing windows from direct sunlight during the summer.’
    daylight, sun, sunshine, light of day, sun's rays, sunbeam, natural light, light
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