Meaning of Sunnite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʊnʌɪt/

adjective & noun

See Sunni

‘In 1055 they entered Baghdad on the invitation of the Abbasid caliph and became the champions of Sunnite Islam against the Shi'ite rulers of Egypt.’
  • ‘Ottoman rule resulted in Muslim Sunnite dominance in the north, although the Shiites in the south were generally free to practice Islam as they chose.’
  • ‘Most Iraqis are Muslims and they are Shiites and Sunnite.’
  • ‘During the 10th century, most of the Turkish tribes converted to Islam, so when they began migrating in the 11 th century, it was as Muslims, specifically as Sunnite Muslims.’
  • ‘The Sunnite sect is the largest in Syria, accounting for 75 percent of the population.’