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Pronunciation /ˈsʌni/

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adjectiveadjective sunnier, adjective sunniest

  • 1Bright with sunlight.

    ‘a sunny day’
    • ‘I visited on a bright, sunny afternoon, and the overabundance of daylight made it difficult to see some of the exhibits, especially the floor-mounted video screens.’
    • ‘Using lush grays and greens, his paintings convincingly evoke wet and misty terrain, as well as the more crisply delineated forms and glimmer of bright sunny days.’
    • ‘In reality, if you were to move from a building outside in to a bright sunny day, your eyes have to adjust to the difference in light volume.’
    • ‘Day two dawned bright and sunny, and mercifully the winds were relatively gentle.’
    • ‘So today is a bright sunny day in Manchester and the ice cream sellers are doing a brisk trade.’
    • ‘Public transport is cheap and effective, the weather is usually bright and sunny and Slovaks love nothing more than to sit at pavement cafes, sipping cool drinks, chatting and watching the world go by.’
    • ‘Will summer be a sunny time of rejuvenation, travel, special projects, or will it be a season of political heat, escalating hostilities, and individual anguish?’
    • ‘When I was there on a sunny summer day, the court was already being used by students relaxing, studying and chatting: it works as it was intended to.’
    • ‘The weather is starting to break here in Seattle; we've already had a couple of those clear sunny days that exist to let you know there is more than work in life.’
    • ‘The southern parts will share the same clear and sunny weather, wind directions will be more northerly tending to a northwesterly flow the further south one goes.’
    • ‘I looked at my watch: it was just half past ten and a clear sunny morning in May.’
    • ‘One sunny afternoon last summer at her South Wimbledon home, Clara and I sat down to talk.’
    • ‘It was a sunny morning last summer and the children were having breakfast in the garden when I saw the papers and realised it was all going to kick off.’
    • ‘Treat the pond at midday on a clear, sunny day with no wind and no prospect of a weather change.’
    • ‘Situated right on the sunny beach of Valencia, Spain, our hostel had a dirty-hippy kind of feel to it - run down and cheap - and it was to be both the last and best of our backpack around Europe.’
    • ‘Europe has been suffering through a colder, snowier winter than usual, and although we had some sunny days in Rome, it was often rainy and almost always cold.’
    • ‘One sunny afternoon last month I sat drinking a glass of tea in the office of a functionary in Mus, a market town in eastern Anatolia known for producing sugar beets, tobacco and violence.’
    • ‘A sunny morning in the garden isn't quite the same.’
    • ‘With a week of sunny days, warm temperatures and scattered rains, Nebraska's corn crop is catching up.’
    • ‘It is no wonder that his body of work strikes a chord with people who enjoy the simple pleasures of walking through a sunny field or picking blueberries on a clear day.’
    bright, sunshiny, sunlit, brilliant, clear, fine, fair
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    1. 1.1(of a place) receiving much sunlight.
      ‘Seefeld is set high on a sunny plateau’
      • ‘A step down leads to the kitchen cum dining area, a sunny room with patio doors leading to the garden and two large Velux windows.’
      • ‘It also has a landscaped, west-facing garden with a large sunny patio area.’
      • ‘In the study, sliding patio doors lead to a large sunny patio in the back garden. The ground floor also houses a double bedroom with an en suite shower room.’
      • ‘Select a release site that is an easily accessible, sunny location, not highly visible to vandals and others who may disturb the release area.’
      • ‘Small containers that are hanging or placed in windy or excessively sunny areas may need to be watered at least once a day.’
      • ‘Traps should be hung in sunny locations around the periphery of the area to be protected.’
      • ‘Nerine should also do well in a container on a sunny patio.’
      • ‘Give it good soil, shelter and a sunny position and it will reward you with a mass of tiny, bright blue-purple flowers.’
      • ‘This sunny room also has an American white oak floor and beautiful views over the deck, terrace and garden.’
      • ‘Next is the dining room, a large sunny room with east and south-facing windows.’
      • ‘It prefers a sunny site, but the noonday sun will cause the yellow leaves to scorch.’
      • ‘The large rear garden is set over two levels in lawn with a sunny patio and mature trees and shrubs.’
      • ‘It will grow in practically every soil type and thrives the most in a sunny position.’
      • ‘To the right is the main reception room, a warm and sunny space with a large fireplace and two bay windows.’
      • ‘The south-facing back garden and sunny patio outside the living room have good views of the mountains, while the garden provides plenty of space for children to play.’
      • ‘One of the main attractions of this property is the gardens, which have been professionally designed and maintained and are laid out with sunny deck and patio areas.’
      • ‘With a desirable location, light-filled accommodation and sunny rear garden, this property will appeal to growing families.’
    2. 1.2(of a person or their temperament) cheery and bright.
      ‘he had a sunny disposition’
      • ‘In fact, I think of you as a sunny person, very cheerful and fun to be with, just the person one wants to see come round the corner -’
      • ‘He's sunny, upbeat, and cheerfully polite, and always aware of what you're doing, how well you're managing.’
      • ‘He's such a vibrant, up-beat character and you get drawn into his exuberance and sunny personality.’
      • ‘The lead actor is sunny and sweet, but she turns so very, very bad.’
      • ‘He's so sunny and earnest that it's a toss-up whether to be charmed or vaguely nauseous.’
      • ‘I enjoyed it because it was such an outdoor, open air movie and he is a character with a sunny disposition and I liked his philosophy of life.’
      • ‘Carol longs for both love and friendship, and uses her sunny disposition to hide an inner loneliness and desire to belong.’
      • ‘Influenced by her mother's sunny disposition and a lifelong love of plants and flora, Christie's passion for painting whimsical flowers captivates both adults and children of all ages.’
      • ‘On several occasions, his sunny disposition is mentioned, but it also is shown that he was subject to moodiness and depression.’
      • ‘That sunny disposition is matched by a remarkably trouble-free upbringing.’
      • ‘His bright, trumpeting voice and exciting high notes were tempered by a sunny suavity.’
      • ‘Whether on top after a winning streak or down to his last few francs, he maintains the same sunny, positive disposition.’
      cheerful, cheery, happy, light-hearted, bright, glad, merry, joyful, bubbly, blithe, jolly, jovial, animated, buoyant, ebullient, upbeat, vivacious, sparky, perky, rosy
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    sunny side up
    North American
    • (of an egg) fried on one side only.

      ‘I ate a couple of eggs sunny side up’
      • ‘Two fried eggs, sunny side up with the yolk not too runny.’
      • ‘As I sat there I began thinking about the first time I went to an American diner and froze when asked what way did I want my eggs served, sunny side up, over easy, etc.’
      • ‘You like your eggs sunny side up, right Dylan?’
      • ‘‘I'll have your two eggs meal with bacon and I'd like my eggs sunny side up,’ Joy answered, looking up at the waitress so that she could understand her words clearly.’
      • ‘When I was eleven, Gerald's shirtsleeve caught on fire while he was frying eggs sunny side up.’
      • ‘At the sight of the eggs fried sunny side up, she felt bile rise within her.’
      • ‘On a more mindless note, I wondered if one could actually fry eggs, sunny side up, on the sidewalk.’
      • ‘My platter arrived with three eggs, sunny side up the way I had ordered them, toast, homefries and a sizeable bowl of baked beans.’
      • ‘Paco gets a plate piled high with scrambled eggs and I get two sunny side up.’
      • ‘I'm making them sunny side up, just like you like them…’