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Pronunciation /ˈsʌnrʌɪz/

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  • 1The time in the morning when the sun appears or full daylight arrives.

    ‘an hour before sunrise’
    • ‘He picks from sunrise to sundown for an old Okie family.’
    • ‘Last year I performed during Ramadan, an Islamic month when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset to cleanse the system and restore inner energy.’
    • ‘Depending on the context, the day was considered to begin at either midnight, at noon, at sunset, or at sunrise.’
    • ‘The artist is shown from different perspectives and at various times of day, walking in a circular pattern (first clockwise, then counterclockwise), from sunrise to sunset.’
    • ‘I weeded with a hoe and shook bugs off plants with my hands from sunrise to sunset.’
    • ‘The streets of La Paz are today filled from sunrise to sunset with traders selling anything from razor blades to fast food.’
    • ‘Today, however, many of us have moved into jobs that do not require us to cram the workday between sunrise and sunset.’
    • ‘For example, Memphis law states that begging after sunset and before sunrise is a misdemeanor.’
    • ‘Bonnie had the morning hours, starting at sunrise.’
    • ‘More important than the timing, however, is the genuine physical hardship for those who take the fast seriously, since the rules require total abstinence from food or drink between sunrise and sunset.’
    • ‘The artist photographs the Indiana landscape at sunrise and sunset, when the light is dramatically slanted.’
    • ‘Many scenes were shot in the golden light just after sunrise or before sunset.’
    • ‘Like it is with all deserts, the best times of the day in the Great Basin are sunrise and sunset.’
    • ‘Archaeological evidence is often discovered and classified from the air, especially in the raking light of sunrise and sunset.’
    dawn, crack of dawn, daybreak, break of day, first light, first thing in the morning, early morning, cockcrow, morning
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    1. 1.1The colours and light visible in the sky on an occasion of the sun's first appearance in the morning, considered as a view or spectacle.
      ‘a spectacular sunrise over the summit of the mountain’
      • ‘A three-hour walk up to Mt Sinai's summit offers spectacular sunrise views.’
      • ‘People climb for the sunrise and the great view from the summit - and to have been on the top of Mount Fuji once in their life.’
      • ‘He has the lights off, and the only source of light is the sunrise behind her.’
      • ‘It's like the sunrise over the horizon, the light catching the edges of the lapping waves.’
      • ‘The dangerous poison is showing up everywhere: not just in smokestacks, lakes and oceans, fish, dental amalgams and vaccines, but also in Arctic sunrises, wildfire smoke, landfill emissions and homes.’
      • ‘The light is dependent upon the confluence of sunrise, wind, cloud and quality of air, and these ingredients do not lend themselves to a formulaic recipe.’
      • ‘Nature shots of glowing sunsets and sunrises, desert rock formations, palm trees, billowing clouds, steamy jungles and snow-covered alpine peaks seemed like the stock, romantically tinged images available from photo agencies.’
      • ‘The video stream is a slideshow-esque montage of natural scenery, such as birds in flight, sweeping clouds, sunrises and sunsets, preening herons, and other such postcard standbys.’
      • ‘For sunsets and sunrises, a variety of different exposures will provide acceptable results.’
      • ‘He timed much of his shooting to gain maximum impact from sunrises or sunsets.’
      • ‘The megalithic passage tomb is illuminated by the winter solstice sunrise.’
      • ‘Gene is the first to awaken the following morning and watches a sunrise for the first time.’
      • ‘The dust under his feet is orange, brushy curls of yellow-orange and blue dance in the sunrise sky, and the several horses are deep blue with purple outlines sometimes highlighted in orange.’
      • ‘Huge expanses of cliff wall and wide horizon combined with picturesque conventions such as bright sunrises and large, dramatic depictions of the sky are common in the paintings.’
      • ‘His exterior photography is gorgeous, documenting the passing of time with beautiful sunrises.’
      • ‘Once we came out here just before dawn to watch the sunrise.’
      • ‘Sal stays awake all night, witnessing the sunrise and hearing the clatter of horse hooves.’
      • ‘Conscious through close observation of nature of changing patterns in the landscape, especially at sunrise and sunset, he found a beauty that was atmospheric and objectively perceived as well as poetic and idealized.’
      • ‘In the early morning, and on clear days, the sunrise reflects strongly upon the windows of the apartment buildings that make up the wall of Central Park West.’
      • ‘Colors were rich and true, especially the Midwestern sunrises frequently caught on tape before early-morning photo shoots.’