Meaning of sunshiny in English:



See sunshine

‘The day had changed from a gray, rainy day to a beautiful bright, sunshiny day, perfect for a caravan.’
  • ‘Consequently, someone who is comfortable in the company of children, and who enjoys the endless racket they create, could be a sunshiny person with a positive outlook, someone who enjoys all that life has to offer.’
  • ‘As the morning progressed, the gentle shimmering hues gave way to powerful strokes of deep blue and strident greens competing with shades of sunshiny yellow.’
  • ‘Clinton's sunshiny announcement covered up the relentlessly nasty race between the private and public sectors, the likes of which we haven't seen since the United States and the Soviet Union raced for the moon.’
  • ‘The idyllic scenes and saccharine, sunshiny colors he favors belie the sinister underpinnings of totalitarian rule.’