Meaning of sunspot cycle in English:

sunspot cycle


  • The recurring increase and decrease in the number of sunspots over a period averaging about eleven years.

    ‘typically, around the end of each sunspot cycle, the sun's magnetic fields switch direction’
    • ‘These events occur during the peak of the Sun's eleven-year sunspot cycle.’
    • ‘When the sun is more active at and around the sunspot cycle maximum, the solar wind tends to be stronger.’
    • ‘Between the mid-sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the sunspot cycle shut down, reducing solar output by a mere 0.25 percent.’
    • ‘A solar cycle later, the polarity switches back again, so that the complete magnetic cycle requires two sunspot cycles or 22 years.’
    • ‘Sunspots have been observed for over two millennia, varying in number with a period of 11 years, and we have just experienced a maximum in the sunspot cycle.’
    • ‘The solar wind is very closely linked to the 11 year solar sunspot cycle and solar flares.’