Meaning of sunstar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌnstɑː/


  • A widely distributed starfish with a large number of arms.

    Genus Solaster, class Asteroidea

    ‘Cuckoo wrasse are also common, and soft corals and red sunstars add some colour to the rusty steel.’
    • ‘Behind this woven blanket lay a wall packed with life - large sunstars with dozens of arms, crinoids, sea cucumbers and basketstars, small as your palm in purple and neon orange.’
    • ‘Large sunstars decorated the rock and I noted many types of starfish, including cushionstars, spiny starfish and blood henries.’
    • ‘Starfish were plentiful and there were several different species, some familiar, like the many-armed sunstars, but others quite new, such as those with six arms coiled around in a spiral, as though trying to keep themselves warm.’
    • ‘Spotted about the rocks and slope is a fairly full selection of UK starfish - common and spiny, biscuit-coloured seven-armed and brightly coloured sunstars.’
    • ‘The bigger red sunstars were particularly abundant.’
    • ‘Back at 15m on the west side of the reef, a gully opened up and I followed it a short way, noting a vivid red sunstar crawling over some wreckage.’