Meaning of sunyata in English:



mass nounBuddhism
  • The doctrine that phenomena are devoid of an immutable or determinate intrinsic nature. It is often regarded as a means of gaining an intuition of ultimate reality.

    Compare with tathata

    ‘In the same way, purification of defilements is part of the process of enlightenment, and it is necessary for our ultimate realization of sunyata.’
    • ‘Bodhisattvas, because of the intense development of their love and compassion, have come to understand sunyata, the emptiness of all phenomena.’
    • ‘There's certainly an affinity between the Buddhist idea of sunyata of emptiness, and the Western mystical teaching of nothingness.’
    • ‘In Buddhism, the term sunyata is used for Emptiness - and in Christianity the word kenosis is sometimes used.’
    • ‘The Sanskrit term is sunyata, translates more or less into English as ‘emptiness’.’



/ˈʃuːnjətɑː/ /ˈsuːnjətɑː/


From Sanskrit śūnyatā ‘emptiness’.