Meaning of suo motu in English:

suo motu

Pronunciation /ˌsuːəʊ ˈməʊtəʊ/


(also suo moto)
South Asian Law
  • Relating to an action taken by a court of its own accord, without any request by the parties involved.

    ‘the Supreme Court had taken suo moto notice of the case’
    • ‘the court has initiated suo motu action’
    • ‘In a suo motu statement at the daily press briefing, he pointed out that there was no need for any public declarations on the issue.’
    • ‘They took suo motu action on the basis of the press reports.’
    • ‘The report had been instrumental in the suo motu action by the court.’
    • ‘In these last four months, he has taken on a number of suo motu cases.’
    • ‘One of the problems I encounter is that I am not given suo motu powers to proceed against anyone.’
    • ‘Making a suo motu statement during question hour today, the Chief Minister said he would seek the Prime Minister's help in providing assistance to those who had been displaced.’
    • ‘The high court should take suo motu notice of this and quash the order.’
    • ‘The police had taken suo motu cognisance of the protests in the city.’
    • ‘A suo motu case has been registered against 150 unidentified people.’
    • ‘They could also have petitioned a local court which would take suo motu action against the perpetrators.’


(also suo moto)
South Asian Law
  • (with reference to an action taken by a court) without any request by the parties involved.

    ‘the court has, suo motu, decided to add the divisional commissioner as a respondent to the petition’
    • ‘The Chief Secretary had the power to call for any file suo motu.’
    • ‘They have suo motu taken up cases under the Minimum Wages and Juvenile Justice Acts ever since the Minimum Wages Notification for Domestic Workers came into effect.’
    • ‘The High Court took up the matter suo motu on April 2.’
    • ‘I will suo motu set aside the judgment of the Court of Appeal as being incompetent.’
    • ‘The HC took up the issue suo motu on the basis of an anonymous complaint.’
    • ‘The director did not act suo motu in the case.’
    • ‘It shall be the constant endeavor of every public authority to take steps to provide as much information suo motu to the public at regular intervals through various means of communications.’
    • ‘We hope the Election Commission will suo motu take action.’
    • ‘She said on Thursday that she can't revoke the suspension of 25 Congress parliamentarians suo motu.’
    • ‘The bench refused to take up the matter suo motu.’


Abbreviation of Latin ex proprio suo motu ‘by its own motion’.