Meaning of Super Tuesday in English:

Super Tuesday



informal US
  • A day on which several states hold primary elections.

    • ‘‘This showed that our systems are secure,’ she said after the Super Tuesday vote ended with no major technology glitches.’
    • ‘Before we talk about vice presidents, since we are on the weekend ahead of Super Tuesday, what are the Zogby polls telling you about what might be happening?’
    • ‘In 1988, presidential candidate Jackson becomes an even greater political force among Democrats when he wins five states and places second in four others in Super Tuesday primaries.’
    • ‘Well, we were walking down this very narrow area in order to give the speech of the night of Super Tuesday, and she jumped out in front of my wife and bumped into my daughter and yelled, how do you feel?’
    • ‘Now, there's talk about, well, until Super Tuesday we've got a real chance.’
    • ‘In the wake of his triumphs on Super Tuesday, which effectively confirmed him as the Democratic nominee, he embarked on a 20-city fundraising tour.’
    • ‘In fact, software updates were being sent to the voting machines only two weeks before this March's Super Tuesday elections.’
    • ‘He should get the party's seal of approval on Super Tuesday.’
    • ‘Following the ten contests of Super Tuesday, it became undeniable that he had the nomination wrapped up.’