Meaning of superannuant in English:


Pronunciation /ˌs(j)uːpərˈanjʊənt/


Australian, New Zealand
  • A person who receives a superannuation pension.

    ‘the ordinary superannuant who has a pension has to pay income tax on that’
    • ‘The channel has promised faithfully it will re-air the missing episode in full for all the superannuants that are still hanging on tenterhooks to find out who's the killer.’
    • ‘The bill will allow all superannuants to choose the superannuation company of their choice, rather than have the employer direct them to a particular fund.’
    • ‘Superannuants will inevitably have to move out of those areas to be able to live and afford to pay their way.’
    • ‘He was suspicious of bank deregulation, believing the interests of primary producers, superannuants and some manufacturers would be better served by an institution based on the old Commonwealth Development Bank.’
    • ‘The extension of this test to include all income would be a savage blow to superannuants and self-funded retirees.’
    • ‘While mostly "over-40s", these are no blue rinse superannuants who might be content to scan the shoreline penguin parades via their deck-chair binoculars.’
    • ‘Superannuants are often better educated, more politically astute and in a better position to lobby than pensioners.’
    • ‘The highest-earning superannuants appear set to face lower tax concessions under a new government plan.’
    • ‘All of its top four proposals take benefits or concessions from pensioners or superannuants.’
    • ‘Wealthy superannuants get no more of a "concession" than any other superannuant.’
    • ‘The Coalition's announcement is a triumph for those over 60 that highlights the increasing influence of Australian superannuants.’
    • ‘In the past, investors and superannuants believed in financial 'pipe dreams' of stability, and have been bitterly disappointed.’
    • ‘About 16,000 of Australia's wealthiest superannuants who earn $100,000 a year from their funds will not have those earnings taxed.’
    • ‘None of the superannuants in question consented to their funds being used in this manner.’