Meaning of superbrat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsuːpəbrat/


  • 1An extremely badly behaved child or young adult.

    ‘I used to be a superbrat in school’
    • ‘The other kids are mall rats and superbrats, and their behavior represents a tapestry of tawdry conduct.’
    • ‘The billions are probably the ill-gotten gains of former Party officials and their superbrats.’
    • ‘She really is more of a superbrat than Ashleigh.’
    • ‘A young lady named Dee has pretty much established herself as the superbrat of the reality series.’
    • ‘Kelsey and my sister are superbrats together.’
    1. 1.1A famous person who is known for displays of volatile or emotionally unstable behaviour.
      ‘he has been subjected to an awful lot of pressure trying to manage these overpaid superbrats of modern professional football’
      • ‘In a New Yorker profile, writer Calvin Tomkins reveals that the tennis superbrat has given up both his rock band and his SoHo art gallery.’
      • ‘He may yet become a superstar instead of golf's superbrat.’
      • ‘Simon teased the singers by introducing them as "superbrats", though the ladies gave it right back.’
      • ‘Even if they're not being verbally abused by the superbrats of tennis, your average official can still anticipate a routine volley of boos whenever his name is announced.’
      • ‘How long would some of the old time superbrats last in the game today?’
      badly behaved child, spoilt child


1940s from super- + brat.