Meaning of supercalender in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsuːpəˈkalɪndə/


[with object]
  • Give a highly glazed finish to (paper) by calendering it more than calendered paper.

    ‘the paper was dried and then supercalendered’
    • ‘An off-machine, sheet fed supercalender is also available to observe gloss development of coated papers.’
    • ‘All shades exist also in a supercalendered version which confers a discreet but sophisticated transparency to the repositionable note.’
    • ‘The latent demand for uncoated groundwood publication, printing, and supercalendered paper is not actual or historic sales.’
    • ‘The supercalendering process enhances the surface properties of the sheet and provides a desired gloss and finish in accordance with customer requirements.’
    • ‘After supercalendering, the paper is cut into smaller rolls.’
    • ‘He is respected for his work in paper coating technology - particularly in thermal finishing and soft nip supercalendering.’
    • ‘Additionally glossy or textured surfaces can be applied using a process called supercalendering, in which the fresh rolled paper is run through an additional series of rollers to imprint the desired texture.’