Meaning of superciliary in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsuːpəˈsɪlɪəri/


  • Relating to the eyebrow or the region over the eye.

    ‘The position was the internal half of the left superciliary arch for the corrugator supercilii.’
    • ‘There was a retraction of the frontal capillary implantation line and superciliary and ciliary alopecia on the third lateral, bilaterally.’
    • ‘The nasal bone is a projection that lies between the two orbits (eye socket) and is below the superciliary crest.’
    • ‘The Newfoundland dog has a broader and more expressive visage, and a blunter nose than either of the dogs yet mentioned, the orbits of his eyes have more prominent superciliary ridges, the ears are broad, soft and pendulous, and the whole body is more robust, and covered with long, soft and glossy hair.’
    • ‘Upper parts umber-brown, tinged with yellowish green, especially on the rump; crown shaded with purplish brown; superciliary streak white; throat, sides of the neck, breast, and upper part of abdomen delicate vinous brown; sides of the body, flanks, and thighs dull lemon-yellow; inner lining of wings pure yellow.’


Early 18th century from Latin supercilium ‘eyebrow’ (from super- ‘above’ + cilium ‘eyelid’) + -ary.