Meaning of superconduct in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsuːpəkənˈdʌkt/


[no object]Physics
  • Conduct electricity with zero electrical resistance.

    ‘these materials superconduct at low temperatures’
    • ‘Newly discovered materials superconduct at temperatures up to around 150 degrees C above absolute zero.’
    • ‘Cuprates superconduct at much higher temperatures than other materials.’
    • ‘In the decades that followed, we discovered that most of the elements in the periodic table superconduct, and some alloys do too. ’
    • ‘Materials that superconduct at low temperatures are impractical because they must first be cooled to hundreds of degrees below zero.’
    • ‘A new family of iron-based superconductors was discovered that do not seem to superconduct in the same way as conventional superconductors.’
    • ‘A material that superconducts at ambient temperatures would revolutionize many technologies.’
    • ‘Mercury superconducts at -269C, which is just four degrees above absolute zero. ’
    • ‘They used yttrium barium copper oxide, which superconducts when cooled with liquid nitrogen.’
    • ‘Magnesium diboride had been discovered to superconduct just below 40 K.’
    • ‘Studying strange metals could help scientists better understand how cuprates superconduct at higher temperatures.’