Meaning of supercut in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsuːpəkʌt/


  • A compilation of a large number of short video clips, typically showing examples of a repeated or clichéd action or phrase in films or broadcasts.

    ‘a supercut of all of Woody Allen's stammers, clocking in at a whopping 45 minutes’
    • ‘One of the extras is "Ode to Carl", a supercut of the various indignities visited on the Jeep, up to and including being put in orbit.’
    • ‘Sure looks like it, judging from a 25-minute supercut of scenes from the flick that one overzealous fan cobbled together from all the existing footage out in the wild.’
    • ‘All this political intrigue is cool, but what I really want to see is every death from the first season all in one supercut.’
    • ‘Here's something to return to again and again whenever overcome by a sudden bout of diabolism: A supercut of the 100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs.’
    • ‘Conan O'Brien presented a supercut of out-of-context misspeaks.’
    • ‘They have a supercut of how often Gilles claims to not be a dancer.’
    • ‘While you're waiting for new episodes, you can still get your fix with this latest supercut of her funniest impressions and accents.’
    • ‘I don't hate the guy, but this supercut clearly validates a significant criticism of his writing style: his characters largely lack individual distinction because they all speak with his voice using the same phrasings repeatedly over every series and movie.’
    • ‘Here's a supercut of all the moments involving alcohol on the show.’
    • ‘Watch this supercut of every Oscar Best Picture winner.’


Early 21st century from super- + cut.