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nounplural noun superegos

  • The part of a person's mind that acts as a self-critical conscience, reflecting social standards learned from parents and teachers.

    Compare with ego and id

    ‘the father is the model for the superego’
    • ‘true schizophrenias lack the superego elements present in paranoia’
    • ‘Normally, if I wanted to rob a bank, the superego or conscience would force a delay, and the trigger is the anxiety [I would feel] in anticipation of doing something wrong.’
    • ‘This sense of conscience-whether individually internalized or mandated by a collective consciousness-forces the superego to engage in battle with the harsh aggressiveness that the ego would like to inflict upon others.’
    • ‘Freud approaches this situation by way of the model of the primeval id set against the cultivations of the superego; Marcuse counterpoints the libidinous Eros impulse against the regulating structures of Civilisation.’
    • ‘This is in no small way directly attributable to the never-ending battle between my three psychosocial building blocks, in which my id and ego battle the superego for supremacy in times of woe, happiness and all between.’
    • ‘His need for order, form, and tradition is a substitute for the id impulses that are repressed by his strong superego.’
    unconscious mind, mind, imagination, inner self, innermost self, self, inner man, inner woman, psyche, ego, superego, id, true being, essential nature



/ˈsuːpərˌiːɡəʊ/ /ˈsuːpərˌɛɡəʊ/