Meaning of superfan in English:



  • A person who has an extreme or obsessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

    ‘superfans started queuing outside the arena eight days ago’
    ‘the Beatles superfan has spent more than £10,000 on her collection of memorabilia’
    • ‘The superfan has not missed a single home game in an amazing 76 years.’
    • ‘When I started college, I had this friend that was a superfan: he had all their stuff, their autographs, and set lists from their previous shows.’
    • ‘Some exclusive superfan screenings of the Lord of the Rings trilogy are being planned.’
    • ‘Even if you aren't a diehard Bee Gees superfan, the film is a fine historical record of their music and the 1970s.’
    • ‘A new superfan has bought the club.’
    • ‘Any self-respecting superfan doesn't just see the movie six times: he buys all the official merchandise he can find.’
    • ‘I had breakfast right next to a couple idols of mine and I wanted to tell them how stoked I was but I didn't want to do the weird superfan thing and interrupt their business meal.’
    • ‘He is baseball's number one super fan.’
    • ‘I am a super fan of the movies and show.’
    • ‘I'm writing from the superfan perspective, and he's writing from the critical perspective.’