Meaning of superweed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsuːpəwiːd/


  • A weed which is extremely resistant to herbicides, especially one created by the transfer of genes from genetically modified crops into wild plants.

    ‘People opposed to genetically modified organisms say we're going to have super weeds taking over the world.’
    • ‘Scientists tackling the thorny problem of a foreign superweed hope a humble insect could halt its rampage across UK gardens.’
    • ‘Even the term superweed goes back at least to 1949, in a book on hybridizing plant species.’
    • ‘The first genetically modified superweed has been discovered in Britain - the result of GM oilseed rape cross-breeding with a common weed.’
    • ‘Suggestions that the testing or using of genetically engineered plants may lead to production of super weeds are similarly unfounded.’
    • ‘Transfer of pesticide-resistant genes to related weeds may produce "super weeds" those immune to commonly used control methods.’
    • ‘In one English Nature showed that in Canada a generation of super weeds is developing.’
    • ‘Opponents also raise the problem of horizontal gene transfer and the creation of ' super weeds ' and ' super pests '.’
    • ‘We don't know that these plants won't cross-breed with wild/weed plants to create super weeds.’
    • ‘Studies into the superweed are being carried out at Eden by Camborne School of Mines scientist Dr Loveday Jenkin.’
    • ‘A superweed that is the bane of gardeners throughout the UK could be brought under control by introducing a bug from Japan, scientists have suggested.’
    • ‘Rice genetically modified to be resistant to pollution could potentially cross-breed with other plants to form "super weeds" that no herbicide could kill.’
    • ‘She cited the loss of biodiversity, a decrease in the nutrition of the food supply and the presence of super pests and super weeds as problems.’
    • ‘The super weeds have a greater resistance to widely used herbicides and will be more difficult for farmers to kill.’
    • ‘Fears over potential super weeds being created are misplaced - since hybrid maize would not be a weed, but merely a GM crop with increased productivity.’
    • ‘The hyacinth is an aquatic plant that was introduced from Brazil in the 19th century by misguided holticulturists and has become a devastating superweed.’
    • ‘If a pest- or herbicide-resistant strain were to spread from crops to weeds, a "superweed" could result and be nearly impossible to stop.’
    • ‘The chemical companies are bringing their spray-resistant super weeds that spread into a GE-free crop.’
    • ‘I reject the notion that this is a superweed or that it will confer genetic resistance on other weeds and make them superweeds.’