Meaning of superwoman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsuːpəwʊmən/

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  • A woman with exceptional physical or mental ability, especially one who successfully manages a home, brings up children, and has a full-time job.

    • ‘I see too many working women who feel they have to live up to the myth of the superwoman’
    • ‘We as adults are so bombarded with errands to run, bills to pay, mortgage to scamper for, laundry to do, plus maintaining a full-time job (and yes, you can call us superwomen if you like) we often forget to frolic every once in awhile.’
    • ‘Our lives often require us to be superwomen, when unfortunately, we are only human!’
    • ‘‘Women are encouraged to be superwomen, to do everything,’ said Isobel.’
    • ‘In fact, women are being expected to stretch themselves until they become superwomen.’
    • ‘‘We pride ourselves on being superwomen, but that doesn't allow us to be human women, ‘she says.’’
    • ‘It often seems that black executives must be supermen and superwomen just to remain at the same level as their white counterparts.’
    • ‘Replacing the 1950s housewife with the 1990s superwoman is not a social revolution.’
    • ‘She was superwoman, and that's how people responded to her.’
    • ‘When you have everyone telling you your problems, you need someone to talk to… you aren't superwoman.’
    • ‘She may not be superwoman, but there are not many of us who could fit in six children, a start-up and a 20-year career in the City.’