Meaning of supply-driven in English:


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  • Motivated or caused by the aspect of the economy concerned with the production and distribution of goods and services.

    ‘the industry's metamorphosis from a supply-driven market to one driven by demand will happen quickly’
    • ‘a supply-driven increase in the price of oil’
    • ‘It is based on a traditional top-down supply-driven approach that provides little or no voice to the farmer.’
    • ‘In the supply-driven scholarly publication market of the 1960s, historians began looking for other outlets.’
    • ‘In the energy sector, carbon taxes and supply-driven increases in the price of natural gas are driving electricity companies to turn to wind.’
    • ‘His thesis is that higher education is supply-driven, over-regulated, and insufficiently responsive to the demands of its students.’
    • ‘The economics from a developer's perspective remain overwhelmingly in favour of sprawl, and may explain why the supply-driven housing production system ignores new markets.’
    • ‘Indigenous housing policy over the past decade has been dominated by supply-driven programs.’
    • ‘Political tensions will lead to a significant supply-driven price shock.’
    • ‘The projection models seem to be more demand-driven than supply-driven in general.’
    • ‘The market is transitioning from what has historically been a supply-driven industry.’
    • ‘The industry's metamorphosis from a supply-driven market to a more dynamic one driven by demand will happen more quickly and erratically than we expect.’