Meaning of supply-sider in English:




See supply-side

‘Whether you're a Keynesian or a supply-sider, you believe tax cuts stimulate the economy.’
  • ‘Even more egregious was an early doctrine of another group of supposed free-market advocates, the supply-siders.’
  • ‘President John F. Kennedy, lionized by today's supply-siders for his 1963 tax cut, first proposed closing the deferral loophole 40 years ago, when it was a far smaller drain.’
  • ‘During the 1980s, much like today, there were two camps on fiscal policy: the left, which wanted more spending and no tax cuts, and the supply-siders who wanted tax cuts plus spending increases.’
  • ‘For supply-siders, tax cuts have always been the means to a larger end - shrinking the size and mandate of the federal government, and shifting it away from the aim of promoting social welfare.’