Meaning of supply and demand in English:

supply and demand

Pronunciation /səˌplʌɪ ən(d) dɪˈmɑːnd/

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  • The amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as factors regulating its price.

    ‘by the law of supply and demand the cost of healthcare will plummet’
    • ‘The main task of the ECSC was to stabilize prices and coordinate supply and demand in the coal and steel market.’
    • ‘Others argue that in our economy, products find a price point by supply and demand.’
    • ‘The price system is that which balances supply and demand for scarce goods.’
    • ‘In a free market, in similarity to other goods, the price of money is determined by supply and demand.’
    • ‘Just like any other goods or services, it should be subject to the forces of supply and demand, and pricing.’
    • ‘The only factors that can possibly influence property prices are supply and demand.’
    • ‘We know that the law of supply and demand explains the price of a good.’
    • ‘The same holds true also of propositions of price theory which follow from the laws of supply and demand.’
    • ‘Slight movements in supply and demand can trigger rapid fluctuations in prices.’
    • ‘As in all markets, a price for bank loans will emerge in credit markets through supply and demand.’