Meaning of supply chain in English:

supply chain


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  • The sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity.

    ‘Given a long supply chain and a complex process, it is natural to want to control the variables.’
    • ‘If you want to be able to differentiate your products, the supply chain is critical for that.’
    • ‘Logistics firms were beginning to play a huge part in the global supply chain of the multinational companies.’
    • ‘All suppliers can see problems throughout the entire supply chain and it may now be too late to change the bad habits of the boom.’
    • ‘Ten large suppliers in the region are now primed to open up sub-contract opportunities in the supply chain.’
    • ‘The fuel cells would also reduce demand on the supply chain and distribution system.’
    • ‘We recognize the role of all stakeholders in the supply chain, internal and external to each business.’
    • ‘This seems to be a pretty good indicator that a shorter supply chain and quicker response time work.’
    • ‘Even small firms in the supply chain of larger firms may have to fight off foreign competition.’
    • ‘Often they are employed at the bottom of the supply chain for supermarkets and other multinationals.’
    • ‘Many observers agree that the automotive industry is running its supply chain well.’
    • ‘The high quality of local produce and the good supply chain meant it was a natural choice over cheaper ingredients from abroad.’
    • ‘Members include key sectors of the supply chain, including farmers and producers.’
    • ‘What HP wants to do now is wring profits out of its supply chain, just like every other manufacturer and distributor.’
    • ‘He called for a partnership throughout the supply chain that would share the risks as well as the benefits.’
    • ‘He says most exporters are part of a supply chain, so any delays can have a serious impact on business.’
    • ‘Supermarket price wars have put pressure on all parts of the supply chain.’
    • ‘A supply chain is a mechanism that enables products to be available in the right amount, at the right place and time.’
    • ‘He set about cleaning up the business, focusing on customer service, the supply chain, marketing and branding.’
    • ‘How will the gross margin be distributed among the various elements of the supply chain?’