Meaning of support group in English:

support group

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  • A group of people with common experiences or concerns who provide each other with encouragement, comfort, and advice.

    ‘locally based cancer support groups’
    • ‘a support group for gay teenagers’
    • ‘Some of the participants attended a social support group, but others did not.’
    • ‘This support group provides social contact for head-injured people and their families.’
    • ‘The support group was like a social club for her, where she had a hostage audience.’
    • ‘Minus One is a social support group for separated, widowed or divorced people.’
    • ‘He might start investigating the availability of a support group or a counselor.’
    • ‘Tickets go on sale next week and are available from members of the support group.’
    • ‘For a few months I attended a support group for people who considered themselves social phobic.’
    • ‘Consider joining a support group with other survivors who are going through the same emotions you are.’
    • ‘He had been very pleased I was so involved with the support group even though he only ever attended one meeting.’
    • ‘Joyce believes that the most important thing she learned in support group was the power of forgiveness.’
    • ‘They will also need psychological counseling, and a strong support group of friends and family.’
    • ‘I think they have a wonderful support group and a very strong family, but there's no closure.’
    • ‘The creators of the numerous Web sites have formed a support group of sorts.’
    • ‘I have joined a Christian support group and enjoy being in a place where I can be real and accepted.’
    • ‘First of all, I would advise you to seek help, whether from a support group or a psychologist.’
    • ‘It also offers a support group whose members encourage each other through cyberspace.’
    • ‘There was a woman in our support group who had a doctor who didn't require a liquid diet pre-op.’
    • ‘I think he has a strong enough support group of people around him that he'll be all right.’