Meaning of supportability in English:



See support

‘It's a fantastic opportunity for us to look at and learn about the aircraft's supportability and employability, certainly in hot conditions, and in humid conditions a long way from base.’
  • ‘The reliability, maintainability, and supportability of systems, along with improved munitions, fuel efficiencies, and vehicle-produced potable water, are crucial to having a right-sized sustainment footprint.’
  • ‘This article advocates that an afloat option has sufficient merit across the spectrum of readiness, responsiveness, supportability, and cost to make it the better choice over the land-basing strategy.’
  • ‘With advanced planning and scheduling software, managers will be able to generate automated reports on demand for review of asset supportability in daily, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly outlooks.’
  • ‘It will entail improvements to self-defence and war-fighting capabilities and enhancement to the ship's reliability, maintainability, availability and supportability.’