Meaning of supportiveness in English:


Pronunciation /səˈpɔːtɪvnəs/


See supportive

‘One trend revealed by the four surveys is that regard for the supportiveness of local politicians seems to be falling.’
  • ‘These two variables, which are presumed to be associated with certain parental practices and characteristics such as warmth, supportiveness, and encouragement of independence, have been found to be correlated with health behaviors.’
  • ‘An earlier study of perceptions of communication competence found that participants linked self-disclosure, supportiveness, and a relaxed style of interaction with effective communication behavior.’
  • ‘The current study did not support previous research that has suggested that parents of depressed youths are lacking in positive expressions of relatedness or supportiveness of their adolescents' autonomy.’
  • ‘It appears that some degree of communication and supportiveness exhibited by these mothers during interactions with adolescents had not transferred to adolescents' interactions with best friends.’