Meaning of suppressible in English:


Pronunciation /səˈprɛsɪbl/


See suppress

‘In contrast with previous findings, our studies suggest that the a1-mum2 mutant phenotype is also suppressible in the aleurone, although this suppression takes more than one generation after the removal of MuDR function.’
  • ‘Recessive suppressible Mutator alleles are usually caused by insertions in upstream regions, but interestingly, the tha1-m1 mutation is caused by a Mu1 insertion in an intron.’
  • ‘Such suppressible alleles appear to be intrinsically weak, with a low level of read-through that is enhanced when translation termination is disrupted.’
  • ‘Her head suddenly echoed with pain, radiating from her temple; however, it was suppressible.’
  • ‘Autumn awoke the next morning with a feeling of barely suppressible joy.’