Meaning of supranational in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsuːprəˈnaʃən(ə)l/

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  • Having power or influence that transcends national boundaries or governments.

    ‘supranational law’
    • ‘While initially established by national governments, supranational EU institutions develop a degree of autonomy from the control of governments.’
    • ‘Thus, the EU is a crossroads where subnational, national, supranational, and international policy-making all intersect.’
    • ‘We must break the present supranational controls over nation-states, by the financial oligarchy.’
    • ‘The template constituted a form of supranational policy-making, in which powers were transferred from the national to the EU level.’
    • ‘She warned that granting powers to the supranational institutions would lead to a ‘European super-state’.’
    • ‘The ECB is a unique supranational organization with powers far beyond what we could have imagined sovereign states would delegate to such an institution.’
    • ‘The defining characteristic of our age is not a shift of power upward, to supranational institutions, but downward.’
    • ‘Effective supranational laws and bodies are needed.’
    • ‘By this they mean ‘the multinational corporations, the supranational institutions and the other dominant nation-states’.’
    • ‘The massive influence of the US within supranational institutions is also pointed out for the attention of the discerning reader.’
    • ‘This is why supranational institutions such as the European Union are so important.’
    • ‘The Commission is no stranger to criticism from those who don't like its decisions, and competition policy is arguably its most visible supranational power.’
    • ‘This is because the EU has now reproduced the lack of transparency and distance from popular participation which is typical of these supranational organisations.’
    • ‘The other pins its hopes on the transformative power of a supranational politics that will gradually catch up with runaway markets.’
    • ‘More often than not, efforts to knit national economies into one supranational whole fall victim to obstructionism.’
    • ‘At what levels should these forums exist - local, national, or supranational?’