Meaning of suprarenal in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsuːprəˈriːnl/


another term for adrenal
‘Other sources may be the hepatic, left gastric, renal, suprarenal, or superior mesenteric arteries in about 8% of cases.’
  • ‘More rarely, a gonadal can originate from a suprarenal, inferior phrenic, superior mesenteric, lumbar, common iliac, or internal iliac or inferior polar renal artery.’
  • ‘In one case, both the inferior suprarenal and the middle suprarenal arteries supplied the anteromedial part of the organ.’
  • ‘They have also been reported arising from a suprarenal, common iliac, or superior mesenteric artery.’
  • ‘Unusual tributaries include the superior phrenic, gonadal, renal, and suprarenal veins.’