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Supreme Soviet

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  • The governing council of the former Soviet Union or one of its constituent republics. That of the Soviet Union was its highest legislative authority and was composed of two equal chambers: the Soviet of Union and the Soviet of Nationalities.

    ‘Following the failed August 1991 putsch by the marginalized cabinet, President Gorbachev dismissed his government and abolished the Supreme Soviet.’
    • ‘Tereshkova later became a member of the Supreme Soviet, the former Soviet Union's national parliament.’
    • ‘Most troubling for Gorbachev was the choice of Boris Yeltsin in May 1990 as chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Republic.’
    • ‘Regarding the decontrol of oil prices, the opposition in the Supreme Soviet adopted special legislation in the spring of 1992 prohibiting the government deregulation of oil prices.’
    • ‘I was elected chairman of the Supreme Soviet according to a Constitution that has no such thing as division of powers.’
    • ‘From that point, despite the Supreme Soviet's limited powers and attempts to harass and hobble critics, the KGB was no longer off-limits to criticism and demands for accountability.’
    • ‘The following day, August 20, the Supreme Soviet, with the consent of the Estonian Committee, adopted a resolution declaring sovereignty of the Republic of Estonia, annexed in 1940.’
    • ‘Minor laws that emerged out of the Supreme Soviet also restored some property rights, reversing decades of policies that were intended to limit the role of religion in Russia.’
    • ‘The elections of October 1990 to the Supreme Soviet set a watershed within the ‘revolutionary’ wing.’
    • ‘The contingents of the Soviet Army on the territory of Estonia also participated in the elections of the Supreme Soviet, electing four deputies.’
    • ‘Gorbunovs was the veteran of the group, first having been elected chairman of the Latvian Supreme Soviet in 1988.’
    • ‘The leading Estonian delegate, Arnold Rüütel, is a former chairman of the Supreme Soviet.’
    • ‘The Aug. 22 holiday commemorates the Supreme Soviet's decision after the failed coup to replace the Soviet flag with the Russian tricolor.’
    • ‘On Aug.29, 1991, the Supreme Soviet, the parliament of the U.S.S.R., suspended all activities of the Communist Party, bringing an end to the institution.’
    • ‘In August 1991, the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR suspended the Communist Party of Belarus and renamed the country the Republic of Belarus.’
    • ‘In 1990, the Supreme Soviet elected Gorbachev as the country's president for a term of five years.’
    • ‘The alleged parliament resembles the Supreme Soviet: highly privileged members, and no serious debates, no conception of an opposition.’
    • ‘The press greeted it with delight, branding the Supreme Soviet, then the primary outlet for protest, as a haven of red-brown reactionaries who sought to restore the Soviet regime.’
    • ‘By the 1980s, one-third of the deputies to the Supreme Soviet were female, and women accounted for over 50 percent of students in higher education.’
    • ‘Dachas also played a major role in the conflict between then-President Boris Yeltsin and Ruslan Khasbulatov, chairman of the Supreme Soviet.’