Meaning of sural in English:


Pronunciation /ˈs(j)ʊərəl/


  • Relating to the calf of the leg.

    ‘The union between the peroneal communicating and the medial sural cutaneous nerves was seen on 159 sides.’
    • ‘No patient reported symptoms at the lateral cutaneous branch of the superficial peroneal nerve or the sural nerve.’
    • ‘The lateral sural cutaneous nerve (seen for the first time) and the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve are identified.’
    • ‘Careful blunt dissection was performed with care taken not to sever the cutaneous branches of the sural nerve.’
    • ‘The popliteal occasionally provides a small saphenous artery (arteria saphena parva) that courses with the vein of the same name and the sural nerve to the tarsus.’


Early 17th century from modern Latin suralis, from Latin sura ‘calf’.