Meaning of surveyor general in English:

surveyor general

nounsurveyors general, surveyor generals

  • A chief supervisor in certain departments of the British government.

    • ‘It was renamed in 1840 after Sir George Everest, the British surveyor general from 1830 to 1843.’
    • ‘Accompanied by Thomas Wright, the local surveyor general, Clarke used a small telescope to make observations, and then sent the results to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.’
    • ‘The surveyor general also became deeply involved in territorial politics, ingratiating himself with Montana's Republican heavyweights.’
    • ‘The surveyor general should also be required to report what particular tract of land it would be desirable that the natives should permanently retain for their own use and occupation.’
    • ‘He also was surveyor general for Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas.’