Meaning of survivalist in English:


Pronunciation /səˈvʌɪv(ə)lɪst/


  • 1A person who practises outdoor survival skills as a sport or hobby.

    ‘a survivalist's handbook’
    • ‘a jungle survivalist’
    • ‘The survivalist just loves to go camping.’
    • ‘Most of these are tough survivalists and mountaineers who live off the land.’
    • ‘Both men were survivalists who liked to be outdoors.’
    • ‘They say he is a survivalist who can get by without the basic necessities.’
    • ‘He also appears to be a keen survivalist.’
  • 2A person who tries to ensure their own survival or that of their social or national group.

    ‘a paranoid survivalist bracing for Armageddon’
    • ‘Survivalists are buying armed forces supplies and building bunkers.’
    • ‘The survivalist believes other people and society cannot be trusted to protect and take care of you.’
    • ‘Survivalists are preparing for the worst.’
    • ‘He told friends he was a survivalist, stockpiling food and weapons.’
    • ‘The couple are survivalists, who store at least a year's supply of food in preparing for Armageddon.’


  • 1Relating to the practising of outdoor survival skills as a sport or hobby.

    ‘survivalist gear’
    • ‘They were stranded in the desert for three days on a survivalist course.’
    • ‘He spent more than five years on the run, employing the survivalist techniques he learned as a soldier.’
    • ‘Found mainly in camping gear and survivalist stores, powdered egg whites are offered in many options.’
    • ‘He is trained in survivalist skills.’
    • ‘He runs survivalist courses at the weekend.’
  • 2Relating to the policy of trying to ensure one's own survival or that of one's social or national group.

    ‘a creature of habit driven by a survivalist instinct’
    • ‘she developed a ruthless survivalist streak’
    • ‘Selfish, survivalist world views are extremely resilient to opposition.’
    • ‘The survivalist groups operate on the basis of the near certainty of a catastrophic breakdown.’
    • ‘She had toughened up and developed a more ruthless survivalist streak.’
    • ‘These are interesting insects with powerful survivalist genes.’
    • ‘They are a creature of habit, driven by a survivalist instinct.’