Meaning of sustainable in English:


Pronunciation /səˈsteɪnəbl/

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  • 1Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

    ‘sustainable economic growth’
    • ‘Monetary policy alone cannot achieve high and sustainable rates of economic growth.’
    • ‘The challenge for any developing country lies in achieving a level of sustainable economic growth.’
    • ‘The Treasury report, in my view, is overly optimistic about the impact of tax rates on sustainable economic growth.’
    • ‘Low inflation, low interest rates and sustainable economic growth are the main ingredients that allow banks to make heaps of money.’
    • ‘This is part of the Government's focus, which centres on higher rates of sustainable economic growth.’
    • ‘Each over-estimated the likely sustainable economic growth rate over the next five years.’
    • ‘He called on the companies to adhere to an international certification to run their companies at a sustainable level.’
    • ‘Nationally, the service needs 10,000 units of blood a day to supply hospitals and keep stocks at a sustainable level.’
    • ‘The sooner the dollar is brought down to a more sustainable level, the less it will have to fall.’
    • ‘It is essential, therefore, that the deficit is reduced to a sustainable level.’
    • ‘Oxfam is demanding a full assessment of the level of debt sustainable for each country hit by the tsunami.’
    • ‘While it may seem that the pork banquet will never end, it is clearly not sustainable at current levels of taxation.’
    • ‘The Budget approaches the whole issue of a sustainable growth rate as a whole-of-Government approach.’
    • ‘I do not mean to argue that classical Marxist economic formulations are sustainable.’
    • ‘The aim of microcredit is to foster sustainable economic activity at the grassroots.’
    • ‘The most important barriers to higher rates of sustainable growth relate to skills and productivity.’
    • ‘Part of their work is to pinpoint whether projects are feasible and can be sustainable.’
    • ‘Across the board, we focus on long-term returns and sustainable economic progress.’
    • ‘The current level of wage drift is not sustainable and will weaken employment prospects in the exposed sectors of the economy.’
    • ‘Keeping the American people at a high level of anxiety is not a sustainable strategy.’
    acceptable, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, sure, good, valid
    1. 1.1Conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.
      ‘our fundamental commitment to sustainable development’
      • ‘Equitable and sustainable development presumes that the natural resources will be used.’
      • ‘And we've got to deal with the environment, get a sustainable development running in this country.’
      • ‘It is time to envision and design the plane of sustainable agriculture and dream of it really flying!’
      • ‘It is the next challenge for those of us who are active in creating a sustainable agriculture system.’
      • ‘They then decided to promote policies and strategies that will engender sustainable development.’
  • 2Able to be upheld or defended.

    ‘sustainable definitions of good educational practice’
    • ‘As the Auction example suggests, and as follows almost directly from the definitions, sustainable actions are rational.’
    • ‘Let's fill the space with calm and reasoned debate about what is a sensible and sustainable strategy.’
    • ‘Our company is reasonable on sustainable grounds.’
    • ‘Benevolent autocracy is an uncertain foundation for legitimate and sustainable national governance.’
    • ‘Tendring Council officers will advise councillors there is no sustainable reason for refusing the original plans.’
    • ‘The Park is also offering £750,000 over the next three years to support sustainable projects.’
    • ‘It'd be convenient to be able to say that it is but I can't for the life of me see any sustainable evidence to support such a theory.’
    • ‘It would amaze me if anyone can come up with a sensible or sustainable argument in favour of loud fireworks.’
    • ‘Do we accept that laws made purely to defend a government's corrupt election strategy are good and sustainable laws?’
    • ‘He also believes Suez must uphold strong ethical values if it is to have a sustainable future.’
    • ‘The reuse of a building is arguably the most sustainable strategy available.’
    • ‘Some have argued that there is nothing wrong in using sandalwood oil if it can be obtained from a legal, traceable and sustainable source.’
    • ‘With due respect, the plaintiff has no sustainable legal argument to counter that submission.’
    • ‘We consider the Adjudicator's findings were adequately reasoned and perfectly sustainable.’
    • ‘We are striving to achieve sustainable and sensible use of the world's resources.’
    • ‘The end of displacement is invariably a gradual process, requiring continued and sustainable support.’
    • ‘The task is to develop models for implementation that are sound, sustainable and appropriate.’
    • ‘The Army found this model to be sustainable over the long-term and supportable in the field.’
    • ‘The argument considers whether it is sustainable as a matter of legal doctrine.’
    • ‘Such an argument is however not sustainable in all cases for various reasons.’
    valid, legitimate, warranted, well founded, justified, just, sound, reasonable, sensible