Meaning of sustainable development in English:

sustainable development

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mass noun
  • Economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources.

    ‘international policies should support sustainable development’
    • ‘sustainable development has become the guiding theme in much environmental literature’
    • ‘The government has invited the public to offer ideas for sustainable development.’
    • ‘The organization hopes to produce successful models of sustainable development that can be replicated regionally.’
    • ‘You can't create sustainable development without creating jobs.’
    • ‘Many companies are required to reduce emissions and to adopt practices that provide for sustainable development.’
    • ‘The majority support democratic reforms and sustainable development.’
    • ‘The challenge for the United States is to be an attractive example of what sustainable development can mean.’
    • ‘This is the surest way to successfully attain sustainable development worldwide.’
    • ‘Experience has shown that poverty is no pathway to a better environment, thus economic well-being is an important foundation of sustainable development.’
    • ‘At many levels, institutions will be decisive in making sustainable development a reality.’
    • ‘The summit hopes to reinvigorate political commitment to sustainable development.’