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  • Denoting a drug preparation in a capsule containing numerous tiny pellets with different coatings that release their contents steadily over a long period.

    ‘Sustained pain relief can be achieved with long-acting preparations, such as sustained-release oxycodone, morphine preparations or transdermal fentanyl.’
    • ‘Allan and colleagues compared transdermal fentanyl to sustained-release oral morphine in patients with noncancer chronic pain in a large, multicenter, two-way, crossover trial.’
    • ‘Once a patient's pain has started to stabilize and an effective daily dose can be estimated, immediate - release preparations can be converted to sustained-release preparations.’
    • ‘The first phase of the study demonstrated that the ascending dose that mirrored a sustained-release preparation was similar to the standard three-times-per-day dosage of methylphenidate.’
    • ‘Free nicotinic acid content was close to 500 mg per pill in the immediate- and sustained-release preparations.’