Meaning of sustained yield in English:

sustained yield


mass noun
  • A level of exploitation or crop production which is maintained by restricting the quantity harvested to avoid long-term depletion.

    ‘stocks of fish were exploited far beyond levels of sustained yield’
    • ‘productive forests managed on a sustained-yield basis’
    • ‘The manager explained that his nursery provides Georgia-Pacific with the tools to maintain its sustained yield harvest commitment on 200,000 acres of lush North Coast forestland.’
    • ‘The company being managed on a basis of sustained yield and production that could be the envy of the southern pine industry and other forest production areas of the nation.’
    • ‘It has embraced its stewardship responsibilities for the rich variety of natural resources on the lands it manages, managing them for multiple use, sustained yield, and biodiversity integrity.’
    • ‘These lands are regulated for sustained yield of warbler nesting habitat and timber production.’
    • ‘The resulting vision was based on ‘an elaboration of the concept of multiple benefit’ forest, broadening ‘the concept of sustained yield to sustainability of all the values and uses of healthy ecosystems.’’
    • ‘Many soybean fields across Iowa in past years likely sustained yield losses of between 5 and 10 bu. / acre from late control measures.’
    • ‘Without trained foresters to mark the trees that should be cut, oversee the cutting, and develop plans to protect forests from fires and pilfering, sustained yield and preservation were impossible.’
    • ‘As Pinchot well knew, really demonstrating the results of a process that relied on sustained yield would take a generation or more.’
    • ‘To ensure that a supply of high quality dulse will continue to be available, sustained yield harvesting is planned and practised on the basis of detailed underwater surveys and on ecological studies of the lush sea beds.’
    • ‘Its maximum sustained yield is estimated to be 2000 metric tons, so the stock is being depleted faster that it can replenish itself at landings of 3064 metric tons in 2000.’
    • ‘It is characterized by maximum sustained yield, multiple use and a timber-only focus.’
    • ‘Th goals were to enhance scientific research, expand knowledge, and lead the forestry industry out of the age of sustained yield into the new era of ecosystem management and stewardship.’
    • ‘An elevated and more sustained yield with the implementation of national and/or European technical conservation measures, is a goal worth seeking.’
    • ‘Specifically, the new view was that the public had a responsibility to protect wetland fauna and flora for its own sake and not just conserve it for a sustained yield.’
    • ‘That beech forest - the inclusion of which irked conservationists - is being managed on a sustained yield basis.’
    • ‘The area of indigenous forest allocated should have sufficient beech and beech/podocarp forest to establish a sustained yield beech scheme.’
    • ‘Do you want to see on lands under your management, the sustained yield policies continued?’