Meaning of susurration in English:


Pronunciation /ˌs(j)uːsəˈreɪʃn/


(also susurrus)
mass noun literary
  • Whispering or rustling.

    ‘the susurration of the river’
    • ‘And there came, like the dry susurrus of wind before thunder peals and lightning, a great rustle of excitement.’
    • ‘Dawn is diluting darkness from the sky and it's difficult to distinguish between the susurration of the surf and the swishing whisper of the casuarinas around us.’
    • ‘Niagara's recurring invocation of the sound of water, the susurration and crashing of the falls, brings Rhys consciously, at first inexplicably, to mind.’
    • ‘It settled to the ground with a soft susurration like stirring leaves.’
    • ‘Something beautiful but so far away-like the music of a faraway violin or the susurration of a distant wave.’
    hum, humming, buzzing, murmur, drone, whir, whirring, fizz, fizzing, fuzz, hiss, singing, whisper


Late Middle English from late Latin susurratio(n-), from Latin susurrare ‘to murmur, hum’, from susurrus ‘whisper’.