Meaning of sutural in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsuːtʃərəl/

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See suture

‘The involved suture may appear narrowed, demonstrate parasutural sclerosis, sharpening and straightening of the sutural edges, and development of bony bridges.’
  • ‘As in the cervical vertebrae, sutural surfaces for the neural arch pedicels are barely elevated above the dorsal surface of the centrum, and so the floor of the neural canal is only shallowly impressed.’
  • ‘The sutural surfaces for the neural arch pedicels are long, constricted medially, and very low; hence, the walls of the neural canal are formed almost entirely by the neural arch.’
  • ‘In lateral view the sutural edge of the cranidium is gently inwardly curved, as in L. gemma, with no trace of a palpebral lobe.’
  • ‘Both external and internal sutural traces arch forward from venter to umbilical seam.’