Meaning of suxamethonium in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsʌksəmɪˈθəʊnɪəm/


another term for succinylcholine
‘There was another syringe labelled fentanyl that contained the suxamethonium.’
  • ‘Fourteen syringes were not analysed because they contained drugs our laboratory could not analyse (succinylcholine (suxamethonium), ceftriaxone, and adenosine).’
  • ‘After the operation, we continued to run a suxamethonium drip and to ventilate her: after 24 hours her heart stopped.’
  • ‘We have investigated the relation between twitch tension and contracture response to suxamethonium in rats.’
  • ‘Administration of suxamethonium by the intramuscular route is useful in the management of severe laryngospasm.’
  • ‘This result suggests a worrying lack of appreciation of the dangers of suxamethonium use in critical illness polyneuropathy.’
  • ‘Similar to suxamethonium, there have been reports of muscle weakness and fasciculations occurring while taking donepezil.’


1950s from sux- (representing the pronunciation of succ- in succinic acid) + methonium, a complex cation.